My story

In 2017 my brother and I established an e-commerce business selling genuine car parts after living and working in Australia for 2 years. Since the company's creation, we have moved the business from our kitchen table into an 8,000 square foot commercial setting and now employ several staff. The business has also won an eBay for business award in 2019. In 2020 during lockdown we were able to spend more time developing the business further, developing our own brand of car care products. We were also able to spend more time analysing the mechanics of our business and extending it through selling on a multitude of different platforms, and extending our catalogue worldwide. 

I quit my job as an electrician to be able to supervise the company alongside this growth in 2019. Since taking up this role, I have learned many new skills which provide me with the ability to be a consultant for online businesses. I can help potential clients navigate all things eBay and business related! For clients with larger businesses I can answer questions and give guidance on administrative issues. 

Having started the company with no overhead guidance I've had to navigate these issues myself, which provided me with a unique perspective. This has given me an in depth knowledge of how eBay and e-commerce works. As a business owner myself, I've had to navigate the company through the highs and lows of business, such as lockdowns, Brexit and other challenges. 

I have no set script for answering your questions, I can provide advice tailored to your business and your situation. I can answer all types of questions ranging from expanding your business to operating software, even uploading your products onto a platform. If you are unsure if I am able to answer your question, contact us through the contact page with your enquiry. 


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